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Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland


Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland
Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland

How to book your vehicle?

On our website you can get an instant quote and rent a vehicle in three easy steps:




- Select the dates and times.  

- Choose the vehicle that best suits your trip and group size.

- Select pick-up and return locations.  

- Please note that vehicle collection and return services are restricted to certain times depending on the type of vehicle.

- Select the extras that you want, check the total price and press "Continue".




- Fill out the form with your personal information and contact details.

- For both pick-up and return locations, it is very important that you state your flight details or the name and address of your hotel.

- The amount needed to make the reservation (normally 15% or 20% of the total rental cost) is displayed.

- Click "Confirm and Pay."




- You can complete your reservation on our website and through the secure payment gateway

- Fill in the details of your credit card and press "Pay." You will then receive an email with confirmation of your booking and a payment receipt. 


We look forward to seeing you in Iceland!

What do I need to know when renting a vehicle from Motorhome Iceland?


- The minimum age to rent a car through our website is between 20 and 25, depending on which model you wish to hire. In all cases, your driving license must have been valid for at least one year.


- For most of our vehicles, the minimum rental duration is between three days and one week. The reservation must be made at least 24 hours (96 hours in the summer months) prior to collection of the vehicle.


- To make your reservation you only have to pay 15% or 20% of the total rental price. The rest will be paid when you arrive in Iceland and collect your vehicle, or up to two months before your rental commences. 


- The vehicle will be provided and must be returned with a full tank of gas.


- The time taken to prepare a motorhome for rental is much longer than it is for a regular car. Cleaning the vehicle and performing the necessary mechanical checks can take several hours. For this reason, our supplier cannot always guarantee pick-up/drop off of certain vehicles (motorhomes of 2 people, 4 people, or 6 people) at the exact time the client requests. So Motorhome Iceland will inform the renter whenever any change is made as soon as the provider does notify us.


What is included and what is excluded in the rental price?




- Unlimited mileage.

- Comprehensive insurance with excess CDW

- Pots, pans, cookware, dishes and cutlery (only for certain models)

- Linen, pillows, duvets or sleeping bags (only for campers)

- CD/MP3 player. USB connection (only for certain models)

- Local taxes.

- 24/7 breakdown coverage in case of mechanical failure.


Not included:


- Additional SCDW, GP, TP SAAP insurance, Package or Platinum coverage.

- Additional drivers (included in certain models).

- Additional equipment: GPS, baby seat etc...

- Fuel during your journey.

What additional insurance do you recommend?


- Our booking process displays all possible insurance options for the particular model of vehicle selected.


- We recommend at least SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver).  For some models, we offer PLATINUM insurance which we strongly recommend to all travelers in Iceland. In the Terms and Conditions, you can see more details of insurance coverage, excess amounts, waivers, and other information. 

What documents are required to pick up your vehicle?


- ID of the renter (passport), original driving license of the driver (issued more than a year ago) and a valid credit card of one of the people traveling in the rented vehicle.


- When there is more than one driver, please ensure that the relevant information is filled out in Step 2. Additional driver(s) will need to bring ID and a driving license.


- It is possible to drive all of the vehicles that we offer at with a category B driving license.


- Driving licenses of EU countries and International driving licenses are all valid in Iceland. Driver's licenses (category B only) from countries outside the EU and Nordic countries are all valid if printed in Latin characters or if they are in English, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.


- In Iceland, you will always need a credit card to pay for the last payment and/or as a guarantee. In most cases, you will need to show up in person for us to take the card information. Then, and ONLY in the event of damage to the vehicle will we deduct the self-risk excess from the credit card. For certain models, a guarantee deposit must be paid when the vehicle is collected.


For any questions about driving licenses or credit card information please do not hesitate to contact customer services.




Can I rent a motorhome during the winter in Iceland?


Winter road conditions in Iceland are quite demanding for motorhome driving, so for safety reasons, you can only rent our motorhome models called "Winter" during wintertime. However, you can rent campers all year round.


For more details please check availability on the web site. If you have any further questions regarding this matter then drop us a line.

What is the process involved in collecting my vehicle from the Airport? 


- If you choose "Keflavík Terminal" you will see one of our representatives holding a card with your name clearly displayed. Alternatively, look out for us at the Kafittár cafeteria on the first floor which is situated between the arrivals and departures area.


- You will have all the necessary details on the booking confirmation. Please print it out and bring it with you when picking up your vehicle.


- Upon payment of the remaining balance, and after signing the rental contract, your vehicle will be ready for collection!


- Our representative will instruct you as to the best way to return your vehicle. Please follow their instructions.


- Note that motorhomes have restricted hours for collection and return. Please familiarize yourself with these times when you make your booking. 


Please note that due to the much longer times involved with cleaning, preparing and performing mechanical and safety checks on motorhomes, we cannot always guarantee that the collection and drop off times that you requested will be accommodated. In such cases, Motorhome Iceland will inform you as soon as we are able to do so.

What are the most common causes of accidents and damage to vehicles when driving in Iceland?


- Damages to bumpers when parking the car, especially when parking in reverse.

- Excessive speed or inadequate road grip on gravel and mountain roads.

- Presence of animals on the road (mainly sheep).

- Lack of grip when driving on unpaved roads and / or ice.

- Lack of attention to driving when distracted by beautiful scenery.

- Fatigue caused by an excess of daylight hours in the summer.

- Strong gusts of wind when opening car doors.

- Failure to detect a puncture/flat tyre (this causes major damage to the wheels).


To help you further we have produced a film titled “How to drive in Iceland”. In addition we have written a practical information guide regarding safe driving with motorhomes in Iceland. They can be found at the terms and conditions section of the website.

Do you offer roadside assistance?


- Yes!


We provide a 24/7 phone assistance for all of our customers. The service number is in your rental agreement. If you do encounter any difficulties then call us straight away and we will help you as quickly as we can.

Can I cancel my reservation?


- Yes, of course.


- For campers a cancellation fee will NOT apply where we receive a cancellation notice 15 days or more (30 days during summer season) prior to the collection date of the vehicle.


However, be aware that your credit card company may charge a small commission fee. If you cancel your reservation with less than 15 days notice or do not show up at your vehicle collection then you will lose the 15% you paid for the reservation.


- For motorhomes you can also cancel anytime but you will lose the“booking fee” that you paid, irrespective of when you cancel. In some cases, the cancellation fee goes up to 100%. Please read​ terms and conditions

Can you advise me on the best car to suit my needs?


Yes, of course. Whenever we travel to a new destination there are always lots of things that we are unsure about. Our dedicated team is trained to advise you, guide you and help you choose the perfect vehicle based on your group size, the length of your trip, your planned route, and any other possible factors


We are fairly sure that the answer to any questions you might have can be found on our website. However, if you do require further clarification on any issue then, by all means, get in touch with us.

Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland - Motorhome Iceland - Camper Iceland
Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
Motorhome Rental Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Camper Iceland - Campervan Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
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