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Campervan Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Motorhome Iceland

Need to hire a motorhome or a camper?

Campervan Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Motorhome Iceland
Campervan Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Motorhome Iceland - Iceland Camper Rental
  • Now you can hire both vehicles through Motorhome Iceland.

  • We always offer the best service with a wide selection of vehicles.

  • Always speak directly with a person via telephone or e-mail.

  • We offer complete transparency – and no unpleasant surprises!

  • We have over 5 years of rental experience and lots of satisfied customers.

Campervan Iceland - Camper Rental Iceland - Motorhome Iceland - Iceland Camper Rental

Questions about our campervans?

Taking a road trip in Iceland is the trip of a lifetime for many. But taking the leap from dream to reality isn’t always easy. Many people have questions about renting a campervan or camper rental, especially if they’ve never done it before. Everything from where to park your vehicle to cooking in the same place you sleep.


While driving in Iceland during your vacation, it’s important to know what to expect, so please take a look at our detailed FAQs to get your most popular questions answered. And of course, feel free to drop us a line in there are any additional inquiries that we overlooked. We’re happy to help you with your questions and concerns and we guarantee a response within 24 hours or less. Your rental in Iceland with the best campervan hire company!

Camper Rental Iceland
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How do I know which vehicle to choose?

Picking the right vehicle is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your Iceland road trip. As fellow travelers, we get it. It’s important to know your travel style and preferences before deciding which vehicle best suits your needs. Campervan hire and luxury camper!


Whether it’s a luxury motorhome for a family of four or a campervan for a young couple making their way around the world, Motorhome Iceland has something for everyone. Check out our wide selection of camper, 4x4 camper and motorhome to hit the road in style. Your home on four wheels will give you freedom and flexibility during your travels. Let our teams of locals help you decide what fits you best. 

Camper Rental Iceland - Iceland Camper Rental

Camping in Iceland

One of the best and most popular ways to take a trip to Iceland is with a motorhome or camper rental. Whether you decide to rent a camper during summer’s high season or save a few bucks by coming during the winter months, we have motorhomes and campers to suit your needs and itinerary. If you’re coming to visit during June, July, or August and are planning on exploring Iceland’s Highlands by driving on the country’s F-Roads, we also have 4x4 camper models available for your adventure. Motorhome Iceland’s campers on offer are among the widest selection of camper van and motorhome rentals in Iceland.  


As a family run business operated by locals, we know the landscapes of this beautiful island like the back of our hand. A road trip while camping in Iceland is the perfect chance to make tons of unforgettable memories doing activities such as glacier hikes, whale watching, and even taking a dip in Iceland’s world-famous Blue Lagoon. With motorhomes and campers in Iceland, you can easily choose from the over 200 campsites in Iceland. 

There is a large selection of camper van makes and models that are perfect for camping in Iceland. Regardless of the size of your party, you’ll be able to find something that works with your budget and travel preferences. We’re happy to help you plan your ultimate Iceland road trip and figure the best way to rent a camper that is made just for you. With Motorhome Iceland, you don’t even need a credit card to secure your booking. Simply make the reservation and when you arrive you’ll leave your credit card info as a guarantee. Then you’ll hit the road and experience the freedom that comes from cruising around Iceland’s Ring Road. Is a trip in Iceland right for you? It just might be!

Iceland Camper Rental - Campervan Hire

Iceland’s secret is out. What was once an obscure island nation in the North Atlantic has now blossomed into one of the world’s top tourism destinations. Deciding to rent a camper van and travel around Iceland on the country’s Ring Road is one of the best and most exciting ways to see the country. So what awaits you during a trip in Iceland? Well for starters, one of our biggest draws is Mother Nature’s spectacular light show, the Northern Lights. One of the highlights of your road trip with a camper in Iceland will surely be watching the night sky light up with the undulating green waves of the Aurora Borealis. Camper vans in Iceland are a great way to explore this and many other adventures.  


Another fantastic activity you can do while camping in Iceland is whale watching. During the summer months, more than 20 different species of whales return home to Iceland and swim in its waters. Go on an excursion with some local, family-run companies from ports like Reykjavik and Húsavik. During the summer, Iceland’s Highlands also opens up. With a 4x4 camper rental, you can explore the backcountry. You’ll be sleeping under the stars with just you, your camper van, your sleeping bag, and your travel companions.  


Camper rental in Iceland is the perfect way to visit our massive glaciers, careening waterfalls, steamy hot springs, and fiery volcanoes. When you decide to rent a camper, you have the freedom and flexibility of driving around with your sleeping accommodations. This means you are not tied to expensive hotel reservations or a set route. As long as you know where the closest campsite is, you’re all set. RV rentals in Iceland are popular for just this reason. Campgrounds in Iceland are enormous, so you’ll never be without a spot to lay your head for the night.  


Saving money is another big factor for camper rentals in Iceland. You’ll save a ton of money by preparing your own meals. Camping in Iceland is a fun and enjoyable way to get back to nature and live a simpler life. Spending a few days or a few weeks circumnavigating the Ring Road in your camper rental is something you won’t soon forget. The sweeping landscapes, dramatic views, explosive geysers, otherworldly glacier caves, bubbling volcanic mud, and much more will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a dream. Why Iceland? Because it’s unlike anything you will ever experience.

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