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Ready for the road trip of your life around Iceland? Check out our travel blog and learn everything there is to know about the Land of Fire and Ice!

Glaciers in iceland


The Majestic Glaciers in Iceland: An Overview

One-half of being the Land of Fire and Ice is our incredible ice caps that can be found all over the island, one of which even has the official title as the largest in Europe. The glaciers in Iceland are incredibly significant, not only because of Ic...

Iceland in September


The Magic of Iceland in September

September is when we start saying goodbye to summer here in Iceland. Like a good fruit, this is the month you ensure you squeeze out every drop of that delicious juice that’s left. Visiting Iceland in September is truly synonymous with the sayi...

Iceland in August


What to Expect from Your Summer Adventure in Iceland in August

August is prime time for a visit to the island. You’re still in the middle of summer, where the weather and extended daylight hours are just waiting for you to fill up your days with all sorts of adventures, especially those of the outdoor vari...

Northern Lights in Iceland


When Can You See the Northern Lights in Iceland?

Have you ever seen Earth interact with the cosmos? That is precisely what the Northern Lights are, and if you haven’t seen it yet, then coming to Iceland and witnessing this spectacle is exactly what you need. So, when can you see the Northern...

Iceland Campervan Trip


Wanderlust: Embarking on an Iceland Campervan Trip

Embarking on an Iceland campervan trip is probably the best and most economical way of exploring the island. But if you’ve never been to Iceland, and you’ve never taken on vanlife in Iceland before, it’s tough to know even where to ...

What Two Plates are Meeting in Iceland?


What Two Plates are Meeting in Iceland?

No, we are not referring to what you can find at some of our local eateries, but one of Iceland’s geological marvels and a big reason why we are called the Land of Fire and Ice. If you would like to learn more about this interesting natural ph...

Mosquitoes in Iceland


Mosquitoes in Iceland: Are There Any?

Iceland is undoubtedly one of the most amazing countries in the world. The fantastic nature, culture, and history make the small island so unique. Somebody who has already had the chance to visit our country might say that Iceland has everything. Thi...

Iceland in June


Exploring Iceland in June: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Welcome to the height of summer, when the island is abuzz with all sorts of exciting things to see and do, with more than enough daylight hours and fantastic weather to do it all. We‘ve created this helpful guide to help you plan and prep for y...

Snakes in Iceland


Are There Snakes in Iceland?

As a country that offers a variety of outdoor experiences and has a wealth of natural wonders (also outdoors), we often get asked about the creatures and critters roaming around on the island. One of the questions often asked is, “Are there sna...

How Did Iceland Get its Name?


How Did Iceland Get its Name?

Anyone who knows anything about Iceland knows that our history is pretty colorful, and when it comes to the origin story of Iceland’s name, it’s no different. Also, as with so much of our history, it can also often be impossible to discer...