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Exploring Iceland in June: A Comprehensive Travel Guide


Iceland in June

    Welcome to the height of summer, when the island is abuzz with all sorts of exciting things to see and do, with more than enough daylight hours and fantastic weather to do it all. We‘ve created this helpful guide to help you plan and prep for your visit to Iceland in June.

    This guide includes everything from local insights and detailed weather conditions to what to pack and what to add to your trip itinerary. So, read on if you’ve got an upcoming trip to the island or would like to see if June is the right trip fit for you.

    The Pros and Cons of Visiting Iceland in June

    Whether June is the right time to visit Iceland will depend on your budget, personal preferences, and what you have on your Iceland bucket list. Check out our short overview of all the pros and cons of visiting Iceland in June below to see if June ticks off all your boxes:


    • The weather in June is A-MAAAAY-ZING! We cannot stress this enough. You won’t find any of our extreme weather elements causing trouble, and temperatures are nice and warm.
    • With practically no darkness – EVER – you’ll have more daylight hours than you’ll know what to do with.
    • The amazing weather + the daylight hours running almost into infinity each day it’s the perfect time to take on outdoor adventures and go on a road trip.
    • Iceland has a balancing act when it comes to some of our most famous natural phenomena and daylight vs. darkness. When visiting Iceland in June, the scale has tipped in the favour of experiencing the Midnight Sun. This is when the sun might dip behind the horizon for a very short while, but darkness never really falls, essentially giving you 24-hour days.
    • Visiting Iceland in June is a great idea if you love wildlife. June falls in the middle of our whale season, during which certain migratory whale species join our local giants in calling Iceland home. It’s also breeding season for the Iceland Puffins, which comprise 60% of the global population.
    • Road conditions are pristine for driving (no ice, snow, or extreme winds), and all the roads that are kept closed throughout our colder months are open, so you can explore the entire island to your heart’s content – especially if you’ve got the Highlands and the Westfjords on your Iceland bucket list.


    • It’s no secret how incredible visiting Iceland in June is. That’s why, most people will plan their trip during this time. Therefore, summer is considered peak season here on the island. The peak season crowds can pose challenges when trying to book accommodation, transport, etc. All the foot traffic can also become a bit bothersome when visiting local attractions.
    • Peak season also brings peak season prices. This means that your budget might not stretch as far as it would when visiting Iceland during our “down” season.
    • All those daylight hours can prove to be problematic for some. They can completely throw you off your circadian rhythm, which can leave you going through many a sleepless “night”. Others get overexcited and create itineraries that are much too ambitious, leaving them feeling completely burnt out after just a few days.
    • As we mentioned, the daylight vs. darkness scale has tipped in favor of the Midnight Sun when you visit Iceland in June, but that inevitably means that there’s no chance of you experiencing the opposite side of the spectrum and seeing the Northern Lights.
    • While the fantastic summer weather makes many outdoor adventures in Iceland possible, it also makes others impossible. For example, most of our ice caves are closed throughout the warmer months of the year (due to safety concerns), and activities such as skiing at some of our popular ski resorts are also out of the question.

    The Iceland Weather in June

    Below, you will find a detailed breakdown of what to expect from the weather when visiting Iceland in June:

    Temperatures in Iceland in June

    When visiting Iceland in June, you will have some of the warmest weather you’ll ever experience here on the island. Just keep in mind that you’ll still be experiencing summer in Iceland, so keep expectations realistic (this is not the island you come to for a tan-on-the-beach-with-Mai-Thai-in-hand type of island holiday).

    Temperatures tend to range between 9 to 15 degrees Celsius, and you’ll never have to worry about temperatures dipping below the 0-degree mark.

    Rainfall in Iceland in June

    Although it might become overcast quite often, June boasts some of the lowest rainfall of the entire year, with an average of just 45 mm throughout the month. This, once again, makes outdoor adventures easy.

    Snowfall in Iceland in June

    Needless to say, there will be no snowfall in Iceland in June, not even sleet (many find this surprising when visiting a country called Iceland).

    Wind Speeds in Iceland in June

    Our legendary Icelandic winds have also gone on summer holiday. From the extreme wind speeds of 35+ kilometers an hour, one can experience mid-winter, you can expect average wind speeds of only 13.5 kilometers an hour when visiting Iceland in June.

    Daylight Hours in Iceland in June

    As we already mentioned, you will have abundant daylight hours, allowing you to experience our Midnight Sun. When you visit at the beginning of June, you’ll have 20+ hours of daylight to look forward to, but by the summer solstice on the 21st of June, you’ll have more than 22!

    Daylight Hours in Iceland in June


    What to Pack When Visiting Iceland in June

    If you have absolutely no idea what to pack for a holiday to Iceland, you can check out one of our comprehensive packing guides for Iceland. But, when traveling to Iceland in June, there are a few items that are essential to the season:

    • Raincoat (this is not just for rainfall, but also when visiting the waterfalls with all the mist and spray).
    • Waterproof hiking boots.
    • Enough T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts so you can wear layers, ensuring that you’ll always be in the position to take something off or put something on depending on the conditions or activity.
    • Sunglasses and sunscreen (you may be spending summer in Iceland, but the sun can be a killer on one’s eyes and skin here).
    • Bathing suit (for swimming, either in the hot springs, the pools, or the ocean).
    • Quick-drying towel (a regular towel will only have you schlepping wet stuff around on your travels).
    • Flip-flops (to use at the hot springs in Iceland and public changing rooms).

    Things to Do in Iceland in June

    Wondering what to do in Iceland in June? Then check out some of our suggestions below to add to your trip itinerary:

    Exploring the Capital

    There is no better way to explore and learn about the capital city of Reykjavik then going on the Reykjavik Food Walk. Not only will you devour knowledge from your experienced guide, but also delicious meals and craft beers from eateries all across the city.

    Reykjavik Food Walk in june

    Road Tripping

    As we already touched on, road conditions are pristine, so there’s no better time to go on a road trip than June. You can choose from a variety of popular routes such as the Ring Road, the Golden Circle, the Diamond Circle, and much more.

    Icelandic road trip in june


    Camping is not just a great outdoor activity during the summertime but also a very cost-effective holiday accommodation, especially when you take advantage of the discounts offered when purchasing a Camping Card. Some of our best campsites include:

    Visiting the Hot Springs

    Because of all the volcanic activity on the island heating up our underground water supply, you’ll find natural hot springs all across the country. Some like Kvika can be enjoyed in its original form, while others are used in our geothermal pools, such as Sky Lagoon.

    Horseback Riding

    What’s better than exploring the island on horseback? Exploring it on the back of one of the island’s own breed of horse, of course! The Icelandic Horse is credited for performing an extra gait, having an incredibly friendly nature, and looking more like a pony than a full-grown horse.

    Horseback Riding in June

    Strolling on Our Black Sand Beaches

    This is yet another result of all our volcanic activity. Our black sand beaches have become iconic of Iceland, where hardened lava that’s been eroded to sand scours our coastline in spectacular beach settings such as Reynisfjara and Diamond Beach.

    Black Sand Beaches in june

    Visiting Our Museums

    Iceland has some of the most intriguing museums in the entire world. From walking through a real (yet indoor) ice cave at Perlan to viewing the penises of every mammal on the island at the Icelandic Phallological Museum – the island has many museums that will both educate and entertain.

    Becoming a Viking

    Why not “become” a Viking while on your trip to Iceland in June? Go sailing on a traditional Viking ship, dress up in traditional gear and accessories and strike a pose for your Viking portrait at Mink Studios, and join in on a Viking feast in a real Viking Village.

    Exploring a Glacier

    Our enormous glaciers are part and parcel of being the Land of Fire and Ice. Our impressive catalog of glaciers even includes the largest in Europe, called Vatnajökull. There are many ways to explore these icy landscapes here in Iceland. You can hike, ride in a Super Jeep, or go snowmobiling across the icy surface. Just keep in mind that you will need to do this as part of a guided tour due to safety issues.

    Visiting Our Waterfalls

    With more than 10 000 waterfalls in Iceland, it will be nearly impossible to visit each and every one of these spectacular water displays here on the island. But at least ensure you see some of our must-visit waterfalls like Seljalandsfoss, Svartifoss, and Dettiifoss (the second largest in Europe!).

    Icelandic waterfalls in june


    As we already touched on, June is a great time to take on hiking adventures. Our hikes range in distance and difficulty level and can be a day outing or a multi-day trek. Some of our most popular hiking trails include:

    Exploring Our National Parks

    Our national parks are treasure troves of natural wonders and outdoor activities such as hiking. Be sure to explore Vatnajökull National Park, Snæfellsjökull National Park, and Thingvellir National Park while visiting Iceland in June.

    Diving or Snorkeling the Silfra Fissure

    The Silfra Fissure is an incredibly important geological wonder; it’s where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates push apart. Today, this gap (or fissure) is filled with glacial water where one can go diving or snorkeling. For a dive, one will need a valid diving license and sufficient experience, but anyone can go snorkel the Silfa.

    Book a Boat Tour

    There is no better way to view our infamous wildlife during this time than via a boat tour. Book your spot and go check out our whales (both local and migrant species) as well as our Puffins, which resemble odd-looking penguins with colorful beaks.

    Attending a Local Festival or Event

    Icelanders don’t need an excuse to celebrate. Still, great weather and all these extra daylight hours certainly make for a fuller social calendar. These are a few of the festivals and events you can look forward to while visiting Iceland in June:

    Iceland in June: Explore the Island with Summer Excitement in the Air

    The air is almost electric when visiting Iceland in June. With great weather, plenty of daylight hours, and even more exciting things to see and do, each day holds a lot of promise. And with pristine road conditions, there is no excuse not to hit the road and explore everything the island has to offer during this time. Just rent a motorhome in Iceland, and using this article as a guide, create an epic road trip itinerary for an Iceland adventure you’ll never forget!