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Can I Book a Glass Igloo in Iceland?


Glass Igloo in Iceland

    We often get asked this question, and who could blame people? They’re cool, right? Sadly, you won’t find a glass igloo in Iceland. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have all sorts of other interesting igloo-like options available here on the island.

    This article dives into all the weird and wonderful stays that come the closest to the glass igloos found in other parts of the world, such as Finland. Who knows, you might just discover something even better!

    Iceland’s Glass Igloo Alternatives

    The following are some of the weird and wonderful accommodation options here on the island that can compete with interesting glass igloo stays around the world:

    Northern Lights Igluhus

    Location: Arskogssandur, North Iceland

    The Northern Lights Igluhus is a wooden dome with windows strategically placed so you can have a 360-degree view of the outside. The dome is painted white, so it blends in perfectly whenever the landscape is covered in snow, probably resembling an actual igloo the most.

    The inside is still the natural wooden color, and even though it’s a stay for only two people, you have basic amenities such as a kettle, toaster, coffee maker, etc. Unfortunately, the bathroom facilities, although private, are outside. The dome is kept nice and warm and is a go-to spot for those who wish to lie, cozying it up in bed while watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

    Northern Lights Igluhus

    Kletter Tower

    Location: Fludir, South Iceland


    When it comes to Kletter Tower, it’s definitely one for the books as an interesting stay, but the only igloo-like feeling and view you’ll get is from the 4th-floor lounge (which, of course, comes with its own advantages). Kletter Tower looks like someone plucked the Moomin house out of Tove Jansson’s books and made it a reality. The tower is run as a guesthouse with 4 rooms, each with its own mini-kitchen and bathroom.

    The top-floor lounge, with 360-degree windows offering panoramic views across the Icelandic landscape, is available to all guests from all four rooms. Another bonus is that the tower is just 100 kilometers from Reykjavik Domestic Airport (not to be confused with Keflavik International Airport), making it perfect for a quick trip to and stay at the towers or an overnight stay before catching a flight.

    Kletter Tower

    Reykjavik Domes

    Location: Reykjavik, Southwest Iceland

    The Reykjavik Domes offer an experience that comes very close to the glass igloos. These dome-shaped tents have large windows that give you incredible views of the sky (for those Northern Lights hunters among us), as well as the beautiful surrounding Icelandic landscape. Also, don’t let the word ‘tent’ throw you off. These “tents” look like something a famous movie star would be staying at Coachella.

    They boast a king-size bed with sheepskins, a cozy fireplace, and the use of a hot tub. They also come in various sizes that can accommodate up to 4 visitors in a tent, each with all sorts of additional perks such as a private bathroom, private kitchen, and private hot tub. The fact that the domes are so conveniently located close to the capital city often makes them the go-to for an interesting stay for those with limited time on the island. This also makes a dome the perfect “igloo” in Iceland to go and watch the Northern Lights while lounging around in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon.

    Reykjavik Domes

    Golden Circle Domes

    Location: Selfoss, South Iceland

    When it comes to being interesting accommodation that offers a similar experience to the glass igloos and that gets you as close to the action in Iceland as possible, the Golden Circle Domes cannot be beaten. As the name suggests, these domes are situated along the popular Golden Circle road trip route and only 35 kilometers from our famous Thingvellir National Park.

    Each luxurious dome-shaped tent has breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape with its beautiful gardens and the majestic mountains in the background, making it another go-to spot in Iceland if you’re looking for a Northern Lights “igloo”. The domes also offer visitors additional services, such as tours and a concierge service.

    Golden Circle Domes

    ION Adventure Hotel

    Last on our list is the ION Adventure Hotel. This is probably the one place that looks the least like an igloo but is still a pretty interesting hotel in Iceland. The building’s strange mix of cement with massive glass windows not only gives it an eclectic feel but also makes one feel part of the landscape outside. This effect also allows each room to have panoramic views of the landscape and the night sky (once again, the perfect option if you’ve got the Northern Lights on your Iceland bucket list).

    In true hotel fashion, you will also find a myriad of other on-site amenities and facilities, such as a spa, a restaurant, and a bar. The hotel is also located conveniently close to the capital city as well as Thingvellir National Park, making it a great option for those with either limited time on the island or those on a Golden Circle or Ring Road road trip around Iceland.

    ION Adventure Hotel

    Explore Iceland in an Interesting Way

    The above-mentioned accommodation options are clearly for those looking for experiences that are out of the norm. We believe the best way to explore the island is by doing a road trip around the island. The most unique (and affordable) way of doing so is by renting a motorhome in Iceland and then hitting the road on one of our most popular road trip routes, such as the Ring Road, the Golden Circle, the Diamond Circle, and the South Coast Way.

    Motorhome traveling ensures that you travel in comfort while also allowing your budget to stretch further (so you can spend a few nights at some of the interesting spots mentioned above along the way). Now, you can explore and stay in Iceland in all sorts of interesting ways.