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Iceland Camper Rental Tips


Iceland Camper Rental Tips

    If you’re an independent traveller keen on forging your path across Iceland, then Motorhome Iceland has plenty to recommend it. Campers offer the freedom to plan your route, and to change it at will! There’s nothing quite like spending your time in nature, waking up somewhere beautiful and brewing your morning coffee amidst stunning scenery. Camper van holidays do connect you with nature and with the beauty of your surroundings.

    Another significant advantage is budget related. Iceland is a notoriously expensive country to visit - hotels, restaurants and fuel all add up. By hiring a camper van, you’ll have somewhere to sleep, cook and relax as you travel. Of course, the cost of renting a camper and filling it with fuel has to be considered, but it will undoubtedly save you money. Tent camping is another option, but a camper offers somewhere warm, dry and windproof to retreat to if and when the weather gets rough. Read on for our top tips on camper van travel and rental in Iceland.

    Choosing your camper


    There are all sorts of options open to you and various things to consider when selecting your camper. Firstly, how many people are in your group? You’ll be living in close quarters, so make sure that your group is suited to this. Maybe consider hiring two vans if you plan to explore Iceland with a group of friends. You can rent campers with varying numbers of berths, but the larger the camper, the trickier it might be to manoeuvre if you’re not an experienced driver. Have a chat to customer service about the options and then pause to consider before making your choice. Another consideration when you rent a camper is the time of year and the types of roads that you will be travelling on. If you plan on some winter adventures into the further reaches of the country, then you may need a 4x4 camper. If you visit in the warmer months or stick to the ring road in winter, then a two-wheel drive vehicle should be beautiful. Those on the hunt for the Northern Lights could ask about hiring a specially modified camper van with a sunroof. Picture yourself kicking back in the comfort of your camper enjoying front row seats for the ultimate light show. You can even choose your soundtrack!

    Planning your route

    There is so much to see in Iceland, so we recommend that you plan your itinerary. Do your research and choose the main sights that you’d like to visit. There’s no need to be too strict, but it’s a good idea to have a vague outline. That way you won’t waste time and fuel on unnecessary backtracks, or have to rush back to the airport at the end of your trip. Of course, you should leave space for spontaneity and unscheduled stops – that’s the beauty of camper van travel after all! Iceland’s famous ring road, which loops around the coast, would take about 17 hours to drive non-stop. So for trips of anything from a week upwards, this would make a comfortable route.

    Planning your route

    When to explore Iceland

    Choosing when to travel around Iceland depends on what you would like to experience. In summer you’ll have milder weather and longer days to explore in. June to August is high season in Iceland though so that it will be busier, and prices will be higher. If seeing the Northern Lights is high on your agenda, then you’ll need to visit in spring, autumn or winter – from about September to May. Winter is the low season in Iceland so that rentals will be cheaper and the sights will have far fewer people visiting them. However, days are short, the weather less hospitable and many of the campsites in Iceland will be closed. Having said this, winter is beautiful – a dusting of snow transforms the already lovely landscapes into a magical winter wonderland. There are pros and cons to travelling at any time of year, so it does depend on your priorities and the type of trip you would like to have.