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Best Spots for Brunch and Breakfast in Reykjavik


Breakfast in Reykjavik

    Iceland’s dining scene has exploded over the last decade or so. Fine dining restaurants to rival many a capital have built up excellent reputations. And there has been a big resurgence in cooking that uses traditional and hyper local ingredients. This means that there are some really interesting and unusual flavors going on. Kitchens across the capital are cooking up a storm. And when it comes to brunch and breakfast in Reykjavik you are spoiled for choice.

    Eating out in Iceland is notoriously expensive. But breakfast or brunch is one of the more reasonably priced meals. This means that you can sample some of the top restaurants at breakfast time without breaking the credit card. Those who’s budget won’t stretch to fancy dinners every night can still get a taste of Reykjavik’s dining scene. Most visitors will spend at least a few days in the capital before heading out into the wilds. So while you are here you may as well do it in style.

    In this article, we will take you through some of the best spots for brunch and breakfast in Reykjavik. From high-end restaurants to cute cafes and traditional diners. Get ready to brunch!

    Breakfast in Reykjavik

    Our Top Places for Brunch and Breakfast in Reykjavik

    Bread & Co – For the ultimate cinnamon roll

    As the name suggests this fabulous bakery offers all things proved and baked. The building is easy to spot as the outside is painted up with bright and colorful murals. They are open from 7am until 6pm and are literally baking almost the whole time. This means that their products are super fresh, just as they should be. The highlight has to be the fresh cinnamon rolls that are light, fluffy and perfectly spiced. These sweet treats can be bought at a very fair price so they are good for a breakfast on the go. If you are exploring Reykjavik definitely swing by here for a refuel.


    Note that Bread & Co are a bakery rather than a café so there isn’t much space to sit. Most people come and take their baked treats away with them. Although there is a small table or two so you might just get lucky. This is the perfect spot for budget travel days. If you with a big group and have lots of mouths to feed its an ideal breakfast place. You might also like to swing by if you are headed out of the city on a road trip. Come and stock your rental motorhome kitchen with high-quality bread and pastries for the road!

    Reykjavik Roasters – For a caffeine hit in more ways than one

    These guys are quite simply crazy about coffee. Their love affair extends to the full process of brewing you the ultimate cup. They select and import their own beans and then roast and bag them themselves. Each cup is lovingly made using just the right equipment to bring out all the right flavour notes.

    Since opening their first branch in 2008 they have been such a hit that they have opened two more. The vibe in each is laidback hipster cool. This is the kind of place where freelancers set up their Apple Macs and the tables, chairs and plates are mismatched thrift store finds.

    They also offer a carefully selected range of quality teas and a succinct food menu. Expect hipster classics like sourdough bread with avocado. If you love a blend of theirs then you can buy a bag to take on the road with you. Just ask them to grind it for you as your rental camper probably doesn’t come with a coffee grinder as standard! In fact any coffee connoisseurs renting a motorhome in Iceland might like to pack their favourite travel size coffee maker.

    Reykjavík breakfast and coffee

    Bergson Mathús – For a healthy gluten free breakfast in Reykjavik

    This is one of favourite local places for a healthy start to the day. They have a great location too right in the centre of the city close to the Iceland Parliament building. So it is a perfect place to brunch if you are sightseeing around the area.

    You can expect lots of health conscious menu choices that are all fresh and delicious. There are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options and plenty of fresh fruit and juices. The atmosphere is that of a stylish bistro. Expect to see people stopping by for a post yoga energy boost and office workers fuelling up on coffee and substantial breakfasts.

    The Coocoo’s Nest - For an American breakfast in Reykjavík

    This ultra cute café is the place to come for American style brunching with a twist. This is the spot to dose your hangover with Mimosas or Beet Bloody Marys. They serve up proper American style pancakes, eggs any way you like and breakfast burritos. Add to that plenty of interesting vegan options and most people will find a delicious breakfast to suit them. Arrive early to secure your weekend table as it is a petit and popular choice. Also take a look around you as the café hosts a changing roster of local artist’s work on its walls.

    American breakfast in Iceland

    Flóran Garden Bistro – For the most charming of breakfast places in Reykjavik

    This lovely bistro is housed in a plant-filled greenhouse adjoining the Reykjavik Botanical Gardens. It is only open during the milder months of May to October and then closes for the winter season. The chefs here put together beautifully presented dishes with traditional Scandinavian flavours. They use super fresh ingredients plucked from the garden to create delicious open sandwiches and small plates.

    Kaffivagninn – For traditional flavours at affordable prices

    This small and unassuming café is one of the oldest in Reykjavik. It is a cosy place right on the waterside in the Reykjavik Old Harbour area. This is one of the favourite local places for the fishing community. The café serves up no-nonsense and affordable Icelandic food done right.